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Firstly I have some explaining to do; just in case somebody makes a mistake and thinks that I know what I am doing!! I simply got myself a small tin on my work bench in the garage and each time I worked on the bikes I put the tools I used in the tin – I made sure I only used tools from the tin and If the tool wasn’t in the tin then I needed to buy it. As a result I have a tool tin that weighs in at 3kgs.
I know that it’s over kill but split between two bikes it’s not so bad. Trouble is that having been a builder for ever, I strongly believe in sods law – with a van full of tools – the one you sodding need is always at home! At least by taking all my tools I know what I can do before I start needing to look for help.
CHAIN TOOL - I decided that I needed to change our chain and sprockets myself before departure, just so I knew I could do it.  I Purchased a MotionPro chain tool and set to it, unfortunately the MotionPro tool is made from recycled corgi toy tin and couldn’t manage to do one chain before breaking.  We then put our hands in our pockets for a more expensive RK heavy duty tool that is great and has the added benefit that it can be used as a hammer !!!!
AIR COMPRESSOR - It’s extravagant I know and had we been on one bike we would have made do with a bicycle pump.  www.cyclepump.com It works a treat though.

          32mm ½ inch drive  for front sprocket (cut down as only shallow nut)
         27mm  ½ inch drive  for head bearings  (cut down)
         14/13/12/10/8mm  ¼ inch drive
ALLEN SOCKETS - 14mm for front spindle  10/8/6mm  ⅜ drive
BALL HEAD ALLEN KEYS - 6/5/4/3/2.5mm
ADAPTORS - ¼ to ⅜ drive and ⅜ to ½ inch drive
RATCHET - ¼ drive
Tbar multi tool - ¼ drive
Plug spanner
Rear spindle spanners OE tool kit
Compact screw driver and bits
FEELER GAUGES - for valve clearances
Mini soldering iron – draper from Halfords (lighter fuel)
Digital pressure gauge
3mm pin punch for brake pads (cut down)
Tele pen magnate (I have butter fingers)
TYRE LEVERS X2 - 8inch (could be longer but used these no probs)
Leatherman wave multi tool
Mini hack saw
100mm Engineers steel ruler
As you can see we are carrying some spares, enough oil filters to get us to Thailand – levers – clutch cable and off road sprockets to name a few.
We have gone against the grain and not fitted scott oilers – firstly because I’ve never liked them but mainly because for years I have used PJ1 Blue Label chain lube and found it to be fantastic