Thank You’s


In no particular order.  Please note we are not sponsored by anyone with the exception of Cotswold outdoor.

Adam Poyser – General manager at HCA coatings for powder coating our ally boxes in lovely Cubota orange.   Fantastic service at short notice.

Colin – owner of Collingbourne Coatings near Andover. Who had our ally boxes for weeks and didn’t touch them – in the end we just got the boxes back, gave them to Adam at HCA who got them done for us in two days.  Shame on you Colin.

METAL MULE  For proper service and quality products, the pannier systems are expensive (to expensive for us) but the best you can get. We found many of the items MM sell to be well priced if not as cheap as any retailer but the service is outstanding.

SPORTOURING   Retailer based in Wales with a huge range of products for all touring bikers.  We found all at Sportouring to be a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful bunch. Old fashioned personal service. Thanks Guys.

Jim Gilbert owner of SAMAR ENGINEERING
Big thank you to Jim for making various brackets, holders and hard parts all to within a thou. Top class Engineering.

AUTOCOM  we had a few problems with our units which I blamed on my fitment, it turned out not to be the case as adjustment was needed inside the units. Our problems were compounded by Paul at Autocom’s terrible communication. Paul turned what was an easily resolved problem into a very stressful time just because of his appalling lack of communication and attitude.  In hindsight I would look into getting a custom Peltor set up made with 5watt radio’s.  It’s easy to get a licence from offcom.

RS HILL  BIG BIG thank you to Barry, Arthur  and Andy.  If you want bike to bike radio’s these are the boys to see.  Specialists in all radio comms – hey, if the Police trust them  ???  Exceptional service and very competitive prices. Having put our hands in our pocket for the Autocom kit which is far too expensive for what you get, Barry and the boys greatly improved the performance of the Autocom kit for us. Lesson learned – should have got Peltor system made by Barry and the boys.  Give Barry a call.

WINDING ROADS   We picked up a Touratec tank bag off ebay to test and had mixed views on it so we got on line and ordered a Famsa tank bag from Winding roads – next day delivery and after three or four long rides with both bags we ordered another Famsa.  Another company we recommend

COTSWOLD OUTDOOR .   For kindly giving us a 10% discount code for some clothing and odds n sods, mainly for Angie.  All they wanted in return was for us to sticker up our Panniers. Better than a kick up the jacksie!

WOOL POWER INTERNATIONAL   Please check out Wool powers garments. The merino wool is fantastic for big bike trips as it is bloody warm, doesn’t smell as easily as man made and needs less washing. When you do wash it – no special care is needed. The socks are a revelation to in tent odours.  Nice people to deal with, any questions ask Sara on the Woolpower face book page. This stuff is quality.

WEMOTO.COM   This Company has some bits at a good price but shop around, I tried to email a big order of service parts through, thinking that they would do a deal but just got an email saying do it on the web site – so I shopped around and got more than half the stuff from other dealers, who lost out ?– Wemoto did. They still had the cheek to send me loads of stickers so we could give them free advertising!

XT660.COM    This is a great Forum and helped us loads.  If you have an XT Join up asap, you need to get into the technical sections and ask Kev any questions you have. Kev is a moderator based in Brisbane OZ and being a bike mechanic and XT nut – he really does know it all.  BIG thanks to Kev.

BTLS HAYLEY  (Andover Branch)  I have been a thorn in the BTLS side for months, popping in now and then for the odd few bolts when they sell them in the hundreds normally. I know of at least two occasions when they have had to do a special order and get in 200 SS bolts with nyloc’s when I only wanted 8 and only charged me the unit price.  I really appreciate it lads – thank you.

Damon I’Anson  Having ridden his XT660 to India, completed the worlds highest motorable pass and won the  Raid – de – Himalaya.  He has pointed us in the right direction with bike prep.  If you want to ride India on an Enfield – Damon’s your man.  His wife’s the Boss though !!

Rupert Paul: BIKE MAGAZINE Journalist.  Thanks Rupe for including us in the feature in the Mag.

Chippy Wood  BIKE MAGAZINE Photographer. Thanks for getting our best sides in the pics.
Garry Phippard at the SIGN shop in Andover for making up our stickers, thanks Gary.

Big thanks to Will at FTR Suspension. Very professional and does what he says.
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